The Art and Science of Connecting with Birds

A conservation situation

I have been to South America three times, visiting distinct biomes, twice spending prolonged periods with small hunter-gatherer societies. These people are now gone or radically changed by an altered environment. Throughout the continent there is massive deforestation for large scale agriculture, logging, and other uses. My favorite place is in Paraguay, in a region being deforested at a world record rate. Needless to say wildlife there is in serious jeopardy.

You don’t need to go as far as Paraguay to see the serious nature of the situation.  It is present everywhere.  Take simple steps that impact wildlife where you live; that will impact wildlife on a larger scale.  Do your part by acting now.

Use reusable containers as much as possible.  Why not take your own bags grocery shopping? Why not bring your own container when you buy a coffee?

Use paper, metal, or glass when they are available.  Avoid plastics as much as you can.  Then recycle.  (

Join. Find the organization that speaks to your passion and get involved.   Actively support the organization that contributes directly to wildlife preservation.  If you can’t think of one, here are some options.
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