The Art and Science of Connecting with Birds

100% of the sale proceeds from two permanently reposited publications authored by Craig T. Perdue, and Craig T. Perdue and Dwight P. Wynne are earmarked for land acquisition in the Bahia Negra district in Paraguay for wildlife preservation. Currently the small organizations involved are not able to provide an online platform for donors to contribute over the Internet. As a result, the funds will be delivered in person in September 2025. Purchase of either publication through this site will support this important wildlife preservation initiative.

TitleExpression of the Enjoyment of Companionship in the Great Horned Owl (Bubo virginianus)
AuthorsCraig T. Perdue
and Dwight P. Wynne
PublisherShadow Speak, llc (2024)
Length9 pages
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Thank you for your help to preserve wildlife in northern Paraguay.