The Art and Science of Connecting with Birds

Sample workshops include:


Families of all ages take a trip to explore birds in a natural area.

Avian Friends: Up Close and Personal

Families of all ages get to know individual birds by first-hand acquaintance.

Owls – What They Are,and Research Participation

Adults get to know what makes an owl an owl, meet an owl, and participate in ongoing research to unravel something not yet known.
Bird Behavior and Psychology

Adults explore first-hand how birds behave and why.

Physics and
Bird Behavior

Kids or adults gain
understanding in
physics through the
lens of bird biology.

Workshop times run from 45 – 90 minutes and typically cost $100, depending on format and length. Shadow Speak aims to make these trainings as accessible as possible, so groups with limited resources may request a fee waiver. Class sizes range from 1 to 15 people.